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This is where we share the less tangable aspects of our company and in particular insights in our our greatest assest: our team members.

By lambertshee3842393, Oct 19 2019 02:10AM

Employee Spotlight: Darrin Taylor

Position: Office Administrator

Darrin has been part of our team for several years now. He has blended in, complimented and augmented our team in a tremendous way. We are very grateful to have him as part of the Lambert Sheet Metal family.

Darrin graduated from Big Walnut High School in Sunbury, Ohio with a general studies course load yet his favorite subject has always been math. This alone indicates how special he is. We all appreciate number skills but Darrin actually enjoys it. This is a terrific match for us since he pays bills, creates invoices among many other accounting related tasks along with handling support to our estimating, shipping and sales staff. He has an “Eagle Eye” to ensure that all accounting items check and balance. We are confident Darrin keeps things on track and will continue to do a terrific job.

Darrin enjoys sports both as a spectator as well as a participant. In school he was adept at his position on the Football team as a linebacker but also really enjoys watching ice hockey and baseball. He even collects baseball cards as a hobby. He also enjoys following the Buckeye football program as The Ohio State University is his alma-mater. The Ohio State University is where Darrin earned his bachelor degree in business and finance studies in the prestigious Fisher College of Business program. Darrin is also a Notary Public which he uses often on behalf of Lambert Sheet Metal.

When asked about, “what was your ah-ha moment in College,” he responded by saying, “You have to really work hard for what you want to get whether it is good grades or to achieve something in life.” He definitely has and does work hard and achieved so much in a short time, especially at such a young age.

When Darrin first started with our company, he had the perception that he might get bored waiting for someone to, “just walk in the door.” Now, several years later he feels he is part of a team which helps each other achieve success for our customers and for our company. It is this camaraderie that excites Darrin to come to work each day knowing he is being relied upon by the rest of his team. He says, “it makes work exciting and interesting.”

Darrin enjoys building relationships with our customers and vendors. Some are near our Columbus facility and others are far-flung all around the United States and even in other countries.

Darrin also really enjoys talking to our past, now retired employees. Some come over for coffee on a weekly basis, some just occasionally and the rest are seen at our annual Lambert Sheet Metal Christmas party. He loves hearing the stories of fifty years of hard work and also a few pranks thrown in for good measure.

Darrin is still dating his high school sweetheart and enjoys walking on the beach, picking seashells and watching sunsets with his girlfriend.

Being an alumnus of The Ohio State University, he also relishes the inter-office rivalry with some co-workers who are arch rivals of his beloved Buckeyes. Fortunately for Darrin his desk faces the “buckeye wall of fame” so if he gets too much “blue” banter thrown his way he simply looks up and smiles. The owner of the business is also a big buckeye fan and our President received her Master’s degree at The Ohio State University so Darrin is in good company.

We look forward to many, many years of Darrin’s tremendous contributions to the Lambert Sheet Metal family. So, whether you are talking to Darrin about a credit application, an invoice or about a job bid rest assured he is not only very qualified but most importantly he cares and is on your side.

By lambertshee3842393, Dec 17 2018 12:10AM

Employee Spotlight: Michael T. Rush

Mike has been in the sheet metal trade for nearly three decades. Two of those decades have been devoted to LSM (Lambert Sheet Metal). Mike worked his way up from a journeyman lead brake press operator to finally as our shop foreman running the retail storefront division for the past ten years. He does a fabulous job taking care of customers who range from architects, field supervisors, installers and everything in between. He has an uncanny ability to relate to them all. Since he has created, installed and supervised the manufacturing of storefronts he is supremely capable of relating to all aspects of our customer’s needs. It does not matter what has been thrown at him. Mike gets the job done the best way possible with minimal fuss.

In full disclosure, Mike does have one glaring defect. Being that LSM’s corporate footprint is in the heart of state capital of Columbus Ohio where the mighty OSU Buckeye football program is, poor Mike appears to suffer from “the blues”. What we mean by that is that he is a Michigan football fan. I know - I know, according to Mike it seems to have something to do with the “color of their jerseys.” The government gives us a subsidy for this malady. This is, however, job security for the poor guy. We all have pity on him. That weakness aside, he still does an amazing job for our customers.

Mike has a lovely family. He and his wife Lisa have five children and eleven grandchildren, who from what we hear - on occasion rule the roost. They enjoy having the entire family over for Thanksgiving to enjoy Lisa’s cooking. He himself is actually quite an excellent cook and an accomplished “foodie.” They also enjoy Christmas time with family including his wonderful and supportive parents who are part of our family here at LSM.

As mentioned, Mike is a “foodie” and prides himself on partaking in “bizarre foods” like a “beating frog heart,” a Christmas gift of “caviar” or “fresh briny sea urchin.” He shares these stories with a large Grinch-like grin on his face. He also has a guilty pleasure of collecting Japanese Cutlery. Mike enjoys fishing and golfing as much as his schedule permits although he does not fish as much as he would like these days.

When asked what Mike saw as challenges for him in this current business environment, he shared that it is learning how to share half of a century of a company’s experiences, care and craftsmanship to younger business men and woman who at times are more “upfront cost-conscious”. He feels that those companies that strive for excellence and accuracy are sometimes at an apparent disadvantage yet there are those that continually throw out “low-ball” numbers to get the job. Mike says, “It is a challenge to differentiate us from our competition since in the long run, we end up being the ultimate cost leader because we engineer our packages that way, have minimal mistakes and don’t purposefully hide anything minimizing or eliminating change orders.”

We are very proud to have Mike be a key player of our team here at Lambert. Thanks for all you do Mike.

By lambertshee3842393, Dec 17 2018 12:10AM

Employee Spotlight: Dave Sorg

We are delighted to share Dave’s story with you. He is a wonderful, kind and patient man. You will see this the moment you meet him and or get to talk with him. Some folks are just likable. This you will clearly see for yourself. We feel truly honored to know Dave both professionally and personally.

Dave first learned about LSM back in the 1980’s when he was with Thomas Glass purchasing stainless steel from us. Back then we were one of the largest suppliers of mirrored stainless steel in the country. Although there is somewhat of a resurgence of stainless now, it is not quite as popular in the retail environment as it once was.

Dave spent twenty years at Thomas glass caring for commercial glass customers. He is renown for accomplishing the Longaberger Basket building glass works. This is an architectural landmark in the Newark/Hanover area of Ohio where a building was built to look exactly like a basket except it has Dave’s amazing windows in it so the workers are able to see out.

Dave then purchased Columbus Glass from Mr. Jim Odee, a fifty-year-old company. Dave divested his interest in the company. Dave’s son still works there yet today. Dave came to us from Columbus Glass via Eastway Glass. He has ties to us in many diverse and historical ways so him being part of our family is a wonderful fit for us all. This is Dave’s home and we are proud to have him as part of Team Lambert or better put, the Lambert family.

Dave knows “you get what you pay for.” With this thought he often ponders pricing to our customers but wants to do his best to eliminate “change orders” as much as in his power to do so. Change orders are simply price increases after the job has started. If he knows something needs done and it can raise our price and the other guy missed that issue, Dave is going to bring it up to the customer because that’s how he’d want to be treated. It might be things like paint issues, proper structural supports, wind loads, adequate adhesives and so forth – the intangibles that are easy to overlook that can really make a difference in the success of a job. He wants our customers to succeed. Dave is very patient to communicate his expanse experience.

One thing that Dave has mention several times about working at LSM is the high quality of our shop and field personnel. Dave himself has spent many hours throughout his career updating his training and he sees that trait in his fellow team members. More than that, it is the can-do positive high quality craftsman mindset that is prevalent throughout our entire organization. If you don’t have it, you don’t last here very long. Dave also relishes the high level of organization at all levels of our company from order processing, production to shipping. He feels it to be “refreshing.” Welcome aboard Dave!

By lambertshee3842393, May 5 2018 06:53PM

Get to know Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc.’s employees through our employee spotlight!

First up is Operations Manager Michael Anderson. Michael shares some background about himself as well as his thoughts on the sheet metal industry, the history of Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc., and its exciting future.

About Michael…

Michael is an Operations Manager who prides himself on developing strong client relationships starting in the early design stages of any project and working throughout the process to achieve the ultimate goal of providing high quality products—at a fair price and on-time. He utilizes his skills to oversee all aspects of production, sales & growth, future planning, Human Resources, Accounts Payable & Receivable.

Michael started his career in 2001 at the age of 19 cutting glass for a small company in Columbus, Ohio. He continued his career in the glass industry, moving his way up the ladder and taking on new challenges. Michael’s biggest challenge came in 2008 when he decided to start his own glass and remodeling company during the Great Housing Recession. Despite the difficult economic times, his company thrived in the high-end retail and hotel markets. In 2012 Michael sold his company for a profit and merged with a local competitor to add more manpower and collective growth in the industry nationwide.

After almost 16 years in the glass trade, Michael needed a new challenge to take his skills to the next level. In August 2016, he accepted a position with Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc. With his keen business sense and experience in the glass industry, Michael is helping Lambert Sheet Metal expand services and merge glass and sheet metal products together, offering a complete package to clients in the high-end retail market.

Q: How did you first learn about Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc.?

A: About ten years ago when I took on my first high-end retail storefront installation project, the General Contractor referred me to Mike Rush, the Shop Foreman at Lambert Sheet Metal to get the clear anodized brake metal I needed. I stopped in the office, provided the drawings and Lambert Sheet Metal knocked it out of the park!

Q: How would you describe the current state of the sheet metal industry?

A: The sheet metal industry is always changing. I have come to learn that the industry is driven by multiple factors such as customer demand, raw material price fluctuation, and current trends. Overall, I see the industry thriving.

Q: Where does Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc. fit in the industry?

A: Lambert Sheet Metal has always flourished in the industry as a full-on custom shop. We take on some of the most challenging work out there that others in the industry pass on due to difficulty. It goes back to the good old days when Carl & Betty Lambert started the business in 1969. I think that Carl enjoyed taking on projects that tested his skills. If he didn’t have an answer he would find it and get the job done. Completing such challenging projects and knowing that you have accomplished what most people consider impossible is a great feeling!

Q: What do you see in Lambert Sheet Metal Inc.’s future?

A: I see Lambert Sheet Metal continuing down the great path that Carl Lambert paved. The company is now evolving in ways that it never has before, opening new doors and gearing up for an excellent future. The new avenues and work we are aggressively pursuing will help the business stay in touch with the market and stand strong for years to come.

Q: Anything else you’d like people to know about you?

A: I was born and raised in New Albany, Ohio where I grew up playing travel baseball. Baseball is still my number one passion, and I’m now able to pass down what I’ve learned over the years by coaching a youth travel team based in Dublin, Ohio.

I’d also like to thank my best friend and colleague, Mike Rush, for the relationship we have built in this industry over the past ten years. Without him, I would never have had the opportunity to be a part of Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc. My wife Brandy and both of my sons, Darrin & Lorne, for putting up with the long hours I spend at the office and on the road. And to the Lambert family for bringing me on board and trusting me as one of their own. I have never met a family that is so generous and caring. I am truly honored to be a part of Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc.

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