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Employee Spotlight: Michael Anderson

By lambertshee3842393, May 5 2018 06:53PM

Get to know Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc.’s employees through our employee spotlight!

First up is Operations Manager Michael Anderson. Michael shares some background about himself as well as his thoughts on the sheet metal industry, the history of Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc., and its exciting future.

About Michael…

Michael is an Operations Manager who prides himself on developing strong client relationships starting in the early design stages of any project and working throughout the process to achieve the ultimate goal of providing high quality products—at a fair price and on-time. He utilizes his skills to oversee all aspects of production, sales & growth, future planning, Human Resources, Accounts Payable & Receivable.

Michael started his career in 2001 at the age of 19 cutting glass for a small company in Columbus, Ohio. He continued his career in the glass industry, moving his way up the ladder and taking on new challenges. Michael’s biggest challenge came in 2008 when he decided to start his own glass and remodeling company during the Great Housing Recession. Despite the difficult economic times, his company thrived in the high-end retail and hotel markets. In 2012 Michael sold his company for a profit and merged with a local competitor to add more manpower and collective growth in the industry nationwide.

After almost 16 years in the glass trade, Michael needed a new challenge to take his skills to the next level. In August 2016, he accepted a position with Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc. With his keen business sense and experience in the glass industry, Michael is helping Lambert Sheet Metal expand services and merge glass and sheet metal products together, offering a complete package to clients in the high-end retail market.

Q: How did you first learn about Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc.?

A: About ten years ago when I took on my first high-end retail storefront installation project, the General Contractor referred me to Mike Rush, the Shop Foreman at Lambert Sheet Metal to get the clear anodized brake metal I needed. I stopped in the office, provided the drawings and Lambert Sheet Metal knocked it out of the park!

Q: How would you describe the current state of the sheet metal industry?

A: The sheet metal industry is always changing. I have come to learn that the industry is driven by multiple factors such as customer demand, raw material price fluctuation, and current trends. Overall, I see the industry thriving.

Q: Where does Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc. fit in the industry?

A: Lambert Sheet Metal has always flourished in the industry as a full-on custom shop. We take on some of the most challenging work out there that others in the industry pass on due to difficulty. It goes back to the good old days when Carl & Betty Lambert started the business in 1969. I think that Carl enjoyed taking on projects that tested his skills. If he didn’t have an answer he would find it and get the job done. Completing such challenging projects and knowing that you have accomplished what most people consider impossible is a great feeling!

Q: What do you see in Lambert Sheet Metal Inc.’s future?

A: I see Lambert Sheet Metal continuing down the great path that Carl Lambert paved. The company is now evolving in ways that it never has before, opening new doors and gearing up for an excellent future. The new avenues and work we are aggressively pursuing will help the business stay in touch with the market and stand strong for years to come.

Q: Anything else you’d like people to know about you?

A: I was born and raised in New Albany, Ohio where I grew up playing travel baseball. Baseball is still my number one passion, and I’m now able to pass down what I’ve learned over the years by coaching a youth travel team based in Dublin, Ohio.

I’d also like to thank my best friend and colleague, Mike Rush, for the relationship we have built in this industry over the past ten years. Without him, I would never have had the opportunity to be a part of Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc. My wife Brandy and both of my sons, Darrin & Lorne, for putting up with the long hours I spend at the office and on the road. And to the Lambert family for bringing me on board and trusting me as one of their own. I have never met a family that is so generous and caring. I am truly honored to be a part of Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc.

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