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Get to know David Sorg

By lambertshee3842393, Dec 17 2018 12:10AM

Employee Spotlight: Dave Sorg

We are delighted to share Dave’s story with you. He is a wonderful, kind and patient man. You will see this the moment you meet him and or get to talk with him. Some folks are just likable. This you will clearly see for yourself. We feel truly honored to know Dave both professionally and personally.

Dave first learned about LSM back in the 1980’s when he was with Thomas Glass purchasing stainless steel from us. Back then we were one of the largest suppliers of mirrored stainless steel in the country. Although there is somewhat of a resurgence of stainless now, it is not quite as popular in the retail environment as it once was.

Dave spent twenty years at Thomas glass caring for commercial glass customers. He is renown for accomplishing the Longaberger Basket building glass works. This is an architectural landmark in the Newark/Hanover area of Ohio where a building was built to look exactly like a basket except it has Dave’s amazing windows in it so the workers are able to see out.

Dave then purchased Columbus Glass from Mr. Jim Odee, a fifty-year-old company. Dave divested his interest in the company. Dave’s son still works there yet today. Dave came to us from Columbus Glass via Eastway Glass. He has ties to us in many diverse and historical ways so him being part of our family is a wonderful fit for us all. This is Dave’s home and we are proud to have him as part of Team Lambert or better put, the Lambert family.

Dave knows “you get what you pay for.” With this thought he often ponders pricing to our customers but wants to do his best to eliminate “change orders” as much as in his power to do so. Change orders are simply price increases after the job has started. If he knows something needs done and it can raise our price and the other guy missed that issue, Dave is going to bring it up to the customer because that’s how he’d want to be treated. It might be things like paint issues, proper structural supports, wind loads, adequate adhesives and so forth – the intangibles that are easy to overlook that can really make a difference in the success of a job. He wants our customers to succeed. Dave is very patient to communicate his expanse experience.

One thing that Dave has mention several times about working at LSM is the high quality of our shop and field personnel. Dave himself has spent many hours throughout his career updating his training and he sees that trait in his fellow team members. More than that, it is the can-do positive high quality craftsman mindset that is prevalent throughout our entire organization. If you don’t have it, you don’t last here very long. Dave also relishes the high level of organization at all levels of our company from order processing, production to shipping. He feels it to be “refreshing.” Welcome aboard Dave!

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