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Get to know Michael T. Rush

By lambertshee3842393, Dec 17 2018 12:10AM

Employee Spotlight: Michael T. Rush

Mike has been in the sheet metal trade for nearly three decades. Two of those decades have been devoted to LSM (Lambert Sheet Metal). Mike worked his way up from a journeyman lead brake press operator to finally as our shop foreman running the retail storefront division for the past ten years. He does a fabulous job taking care of customers who range from architects, field supervisors, installers and everything in between. He has an uncanny ability to relate to them all. Since he has created, installed and supervised the manufacturing of storefronts he is supremely capable of relating to all aspects of our customer’s needs. It does not matter what has been thrown at him. Mike gets the job done the best way possible with minimal fuss.

In full disclosure, Mike does have one glaring defect. Being that LSM’s corporate footprint is in the heart of state capital of Columbus Ohio where the mighty OSU Buckeye football program is, poor Mike appears to suffer from “the blues”. What we mean by that is that he is a Michigan football fan. I know - I know, according to Mike it seems to have something to do with the “color of their jerseys.” The government gives us a subsidy for this malady. This is, however, job security for the poor guy. We all have pity on him. That weakness aside, he still does an amazing job for our customers.

Mike has a lovely family. He and his wife Lisa have five children and eleven grandchildren, who from what we hear - on occasion rule the roost. They enjoy having the entire family over for Thanksgiving to enjoy Lisa’s cooking. He himself is actually quite an excellent cook and an accomplished “foodie.” They also enjoy Christmas time with family including his wonderful and supportive parents who are part of our family here at LSM.

As mentioned, Mike is a “foodie” and prides himself on partaking in “bizarre foods” like a “beating frog heart,” a Christmas gift of “caviar” or “fresh briny sea urchin.” He shares these stories with a large Grinch-like grin on his face. He also has a guilty pleasure of collecting Japanese Cutlery. Mike enjoys fishing and golfing as much as his schedule permits although he does not fish as much as he would like these days.

When asked what Mike saw as challenges for him in this current business environment, he shared that it is learning how to share half of a century of a company’s experiences, care and craftsmanship to younger business men and woman who at times are more “upfront cost-conscious”. He feels that those companies that strive for excellence and accuracy are sometimes at an apparent disadvantage yet there are those that continually throw out “low-ball” numbers to get the job. Mike says, “It is a challenge to differentiate us from our competition since in the long run, we end up being the ultimate cost leader because we engineer our packages that way, have minimal mistakes and don’t purposefully hide anything minimizing or eliminating change orders.”

We are very proud to have Mike be a key player of our team here at Lambert. Thanks for all you do Mike.

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