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Flawless custom kitchen metal work

When you need quality custom kitchen metal work done for your restaurant or food service business, contact Lambert Sheet Metal, Inc. in Columbus, OH. We've been in business since 1969!

  • Stainless steel work (our specialty)

  • Residential metal application

  • Counters and backsplash

  • Fryer metal

  • Handrail systems

  • Service area systems

  • Surrounds for serving buffets

Fabrication services for restaurants

If you manage a food service business, we’ll take care of all of the metal for your facility.


Our specialty is stainless steel, a requirement for sanitation. Contact us for a FREE estimate.

Quality metal work for the food service industry

No job is too small or big for us!  We provide the fabrication needs for everything, from small and local businesses to large corporations!

Call us for welding work, metal fabrication, and glass.